Logitech Finally Outs OS X Support For Its Alert Security System

Logitech launched the Alert video security system in August of 2010. It now works with Macs. About damn time, Logitech.

The Logitech Alert is a capable, albeit pricey, video monitoring system. Instead of using off-the-shelf cams and software like other consumer video systems, the Alert system, both hardware and software, is completely unique to Logitech. Cameras connect via powerline networking and the video can be viewed online, through an app for free or desktop software. With the Alert software, now available for OS X 10.6.8 or higher, owners can set trigger zones, recording options and virtually pan or tilt the video thanks to the high-res 960×720 video.

This software update is available for free to previously purchased Alert cameras. The complete indoor system costs $299 while the outdoor camera that features a more rugged casing costs $349.

It is rather surprising it took this long for the Alert system to get OS X support. The company outed iPad support in April of 2011. Logitech is generally supportive of both Windows and OS X’s ecosystem, but this software is way overdue.