Angry Birds Star Wars Blasts Off On Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Kindle Fire, Mac, PC, Windows 8 (Sorry BlackBerry Users)

Rovio’s Angry Birds Star Wars mash-up has blasted forth, with app launches on Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Kindle Fire, Mac, PC and Windows 8 — or pretty much every mainstream OS platform you can think of except the (now dwindling) BlackBerry OS.

We’ve written plenty about the spawn of Satan latest manifestation of the Angry Birds franchise already, so I’ll keep this short and sweet: the game is now available for download on the aforementioned platforms — and the race is on to see how many millions more downloads Rovio can squeeze from its fowl-flinging cash-cow. The game recasts the Angry Birds as plucky Rebels, battling the might of the evil Imperial Pigs across more than 80 levels — including the renamed Pig Star (which is presumably filled with lots of Imperial Pig Troopers).

Accompanying the launch, Rovio (and Lucasfilm) have created a new cinematic trailer (see below), and are already firing forth a whole phalanx of Star Wars-themed Angry Birds plush toys (hello holiday season). The pair also held a Google+ hangout on Wednesday evening to count down to the midnight Pacific Time launch.

Giving a nod to the looming filthy lucre festive season sales, Peter Vesterbacka, CMO of Rovio Entertainment, provided the following statement: “It’s a banner day for us. This is our  best Angry Birds game yet, and we’re excited for our fans to finally meet Luke, Leia, and the rest of the gang! But it’s more than just a game launch: we think fans are going to just love the new animated trailer and the Angry Birds Star Wars products, sure to be a big hit this holiday season.”