Uber And Zipcar Offering Discounted Rides On Election Day

Get yourself to the voting booth in style: Uber is offering free black sedan services to the polls on Election Day (for first-time Uber users). Or, if you want to pick up some groceries after performing your civic duty, car rental startup Zipcar is offering 50 percent off hourly rates all day tomorrow. So, dear reader, not having a car is no excuse for not voting tomorrow.

For those interested in rolling up to the polling booth like a boss with Uber, all destinations must begin or end with a polling station (and Uber is only offering $20.12 towards the service, so don’t try to exploit it for a free trip to the mountains). It’s also only available during polling hours.

For Zipcar, rates are reduced 50 percent across the board from 9-5 on Election Day. So, go vote with American pizzazz: rent a cherry red drop-top Mustang, draped in an American flag, blaring the national anthem.

Also, you’ll want driving directions to your nearest polling place. Check out Google’s new polling tool.

update: San Franciscans can get a $10 discount on the taxi service, Lyft, by tweeting out proof that they voted

[Hat tip, Natalie Foster]