Even If It Doesn’t Make Sense, Rumors Of A Facebook Phone Live On

A Facebook phone doesn’t make sense. Mark Zuckerberg said it himself on our Disrupt stage just a few months ago. But that doesn’t mean the rumors won’t continue to fly.

The latest comes by way of Pocket-Lint, which claims to have source confirmation that the HTC Opera UL phone popping up in benchmarking results is, in fact, a Facebook phone.

“It is the Facebook phone, made for Facebook,” the anonymous source said.

I’m approaching this with two salt shakers and a stick, but it’s our duty to keep you fine readers in the loop when rumors like these pop up. There’s no doubt that HTC is working on a phone codenamed Opera UL, but that it’s destined for Facebook as an official launch partner and distributor is a bit of a stretch.

Remember, HTC has tried its hand at the Facebook phone before, and failed miserably. This could possibly be a better, second try at a social-focused handset at a time when Apple has direct Facebook and Twitter integration within iOS.

As far as specs go, the benchmarks tell us that the HTC Opera UL will have a 1280×720 display, run Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, and be powered by a 1.4GHz processor.