RISR Is A Sensor Web You Wear To Help Your Posture

As if human interaction in the post-Internet age wasn’t weird enough, here’s RISR. It’s a web of sensors that connects to a cellphone and scans your “target” for body language. RISR then vibrates on your body telling you how to move in order to ensure maximum engagement.

The simplest way to understand this thing is to watch the above video but it’s basically a way to “mirror” social targets in various situations. Mirroring is the process of copying what your target is doing in order to encourage interaction. For example, RISR will buzz to remind you to face your target when he or she is facing you and to move your shoulders if your target is moving theirs.

The tool helps folks with social anxiety feel a bit more comfortable in social situations as well as postural cues to improve your general well-being. The company will also offer consultations for folks who need special tweaks to improve their body language.

RISR is coming soon and hopefully it will help some folks meet, fall in love, and eventually have kids with RISR-enchanced postures. It is the circle of life.

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