Uber Now Allows Users To Order Motorcycle Taxis In Paris

Uber has been steadily expanding its on-demand car service from black cars to SUVs, taxis, Hybrids, private drivers and more. Today, the company is announcing the addition of motorcycle taxis (aka moto taxis) in Paris.

Starting Monday, Uber users in Paris will be able to order motorcycle taxis via the app. Similar to the way you can see taxis and black cars on the Uber app in Chicago, you’ll be able to see both the motorcycle and car icons on the map to determine the drivers closest to you.

You simply touch the motorcycle or taxi icon to let Uber know that this is the type of ride you are requesting—and similar to Uber’s other transactions, you don’t need to exchange money or sign anything, you are charged via a transaction on your mobile phone.

This is just another way that Uber is offering its users a choice in the method of transportation, and expanding upon its inventory of drivers. While we don’t use motorcycle taxis in the U.S., the method of transport is more common in Paris (and is faster). Uber, which launched in Paris in December 2011, says that it is working with a select group of motorcycle taxi drivers in Paris on the test. For now, Uber Moto Taxis are available from 6 am to 9 pm, Monday to Friday.