mySkin iPhone App Connects You With The Right Skincare Products

You may be more beautiful than the the future love child of Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart, but bad skin can ruin it all. That said, there’s a new beauty app launching on the Apple App Store to help you find the best possible skincare products for your unique skin.

Dubbed mySkin, the app essentially lets you check which skincare products work best for your skin before you ever lay down any cash.

The app uses a recommendation engine called Just Like Me find skincare products for you in “a personalized, scientific, and unbiased way.”

After taking a skin assessment, you’ll immediately get recommendations from a catalog of over 160,000 products across various brands and retailers. The JLM recommendation engine takes into account your skin conditions, lifestyle, diet, and skin concerns.

The app also lets you track skincare products that you’ve used before so you can share your experiences with others looking for the right solution. mySkin comes complete with a wishlist, a question an answer section, and the ability to find friends to see what they use.

mySkin is available now for download from the Apple App Store.

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