Dave McClure On Investing In Women, Fashion, Kids Stuff… And Why He Sometimes Feels Like A Loser

500 Startups just wrapped up another series of demo days in Mountain View, Calif. and San Francisco over the last few days, and will be heading to New York to court investors on that coast next week. We heard awesome pitches from startups and met up with some great entrepreneurs during those events, and the other day I had the opportunity to sit down with the man himself, Dave McClure, and pick his brain.

We talked about his investment strategy, including why he puts money in so many international, fashion, and kids education startups… I also got to ask him about a personal blog post he wrote that really resonated with a lot of people in Silicon Valley. Entitled “Late bloomer, not a loser. (I hope),” it talked about the trajectory of his career and how it took 20 years to become an overnight success.

So what’s it like to work with amazing people who are building billion-dollar companies while you’re just trying to find your way? Check out the video and find out.