Looking For A Classy Or Offbeat iPad Case? Here Are 16

Look, sometimes you just have to take a break and skim Etsy for cool iPad stuff. Are you thinking of picking up a new iPad 3 when they come out, or maybe just celebrating the release with a cool new case for your existing tablet? Check out this little round-up of cases collected by a felt-loving blogger on a Friday afternoon.

These are mostly iPad-sized, but many are made to order and could easily accommodate a smaller (Kindle Fire) or larger (Transformer) device if you ask nicely. And most are soft enough to accommodate a small change in size, like what’s expected for the iPad 3. Note that I have not tried these out! I just think they are all great.

Felt & Leather

Here are some lovely, sober grey wool items with leather accents. Perfect for someone who doesn’t need to express themselves through decals or color, yet loves good design. Like me. From top left, these are available from Charbonize (you can customize the tag), Feruto Bags, Freckle Cases, and England Caramel, who says theirs is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Yeah, if your girlfriend is an iPad.


For someone who wants something with a little more personality. From top left: the Soul Sleeve, which is just about as cute as possible; a dyed felt case from MaricFineGoods (also available in mustard yellow); a case from PinsnNeedles that is actually for e-readers but was too cool to pass up; another from PinsnNeedles that kind of looks like an elephant. Oh, and they make a cozy for your French press as well.


If you’re tired of herringbone, you’re tired of life. These two come from MariForsell — iPad bag, iPad case.

Hemp and Fluff

I love these soft, natural-fiber cases from ColcaSac. The natural hemp-colored one is the Uintah and the black one is the Zagora. They’re made with pesticide-free Chinese hemp, from China you understand. The blue one, Cusco, uses traditionally-grown cotton from Oaxaca.


Here are two leather options, comprising the two reasons leather exists: to look old, and to look fancy. The one on the left is made to order, hand-tooled, and antiqued. Perfect for watching Game of Thrones on the go. The one on the right is strictly for having in your hand when you step of your private jet. Is my car here yet? No?


The wooden smart covers are Narra and Cherry respectively, but don’t worry, there’s nice brown leather underneath. The flip-top case is made of Black Walnut and Baltic Birch, and fastens with a magnet. Just looks cool as hell. The newsprint one is not, in fact, wood, I have deceived you. It’s cotton, and closes with Velcro. I just like the way it looks and had an extra spot in the “wood” image. And cotton is a plant, so it’s kind of true.