A Very TechCrunch CES: How To Follow Our CES Coverage

As you well know, next week is CES 2012 and TechCrunch will be there – with bells on. We’re focusing on start-ups, small companies, and interesting people and we’ll be doing a lot of live streaming, video interviews, and live giveaways. You’re going to want to watch. But, you’re saying, how can I interact with the CES team while they’re on the floor? With Twitter, of course!

First, follow @techcrunch for up to the minute news. We will be posting giveaways to this feed when they happen live and we’ll be asking for feedback as we go along. We’ll be using the hashtag #CEScrunch for all the CES stuff, but expect a little bit more noise.

Finally, follow @johnbiggs (angry rants), @grg (CES achievements), @mjburnsy (yard-long beers), @jordancrook (one woman’s opinion), and @chrisvelazco (impressions of a former Best Buy employee) to interact with us all directly. We need your questions and commands. We are your automatons.

We are going to limit the CES stories that appear on the front page so if you want to just follow CES news, add this to your feed reader. See you in Vegas!