Keas Raises $6.5 Million To Turn A Healthy Lifestyle Into A Game

The Health 2.0 space is getting super-exciting — between services like Practice Fusion, CakeHealth, Virgin Health and hardware plays like the Fitbit and UP, it finally seems like technology has caught up to some real world human problems that need solving.

In yet another vote for the space, Health 2.0 innovator Adam Bosworth, who is most known as one of the creators of Google Health, has just raised $6.5 million for Keas from Atlas Venture and Ignition Partners. This funding brings the Keas investment total to $16.5 million.

With social health game Keas, companies and teams can pick three health goals and compete against each other for real and virtual prizes (You can play here).

In one corporate use case (at a hospital), 40 percent of  the 1,300 employees registered lost a total of 1,230 pounds over the 12-week challenge.  Afterwards 73% the players reported feeling “more positive” towards their employer and 64 percent reported increased work productivity.

TCTV caught up with Bosworth earlier this year to talk to him about the space and why Google Health failed (Spolier alert: Because it’s not social). You can watch Bosworth in action, above.