BBC launches BBC iPlayer app for iPhone/Touch and 3G mobile streaming

The BBC has just released a BBC iPlayer app for Apple iPhone and iPod touch (iTunes link), and introduced 3G streaming across all mobile networks.

The mobile app is a big improvement on the mobile web app, which we’ve had to content with, offering better features. With ‘Live Channel Hopping’, users can switch between live channels as like on their TV, and live radio. Later in the week, 3G streaming will also become available on a range of BBC iPlayer mobile web devices.

Key features of the new BBC iPlayer app:

– Live TV and radio with easy channel switching

– 3G streaming across all mobile networks

– Background listening

– Improved playback with greater resilience to network congestion

– Improved user experience with a simple and intuitive design

Previously there were apps for Apple iPad (1.5 million installs) and Android devices (1.2 million istalls) since launch in February 2011.