Be careful what you say – CallTrunk launches Skype recording integration

CallTrunk is one of those services where you place a call via the platform, then call someone else and record the conversation. There are one or two other similar services out there, but CallTrunk is attempting to go for broke on several platforms. Today it launches a simple-to-use Skype service that stores all Skype conversations in the cloud, together with a user’s landline and mobile conversations. Not exactly something that will make privacy campaigners woot with delight – but could prove useful in business transactions and interviews. But then then the UK is a “one party consent country” so you can record your own calls as long as you don’t publish them.

The calls can also be transcribed. The only issue is that this is already available as a cheap ad-on to Skype, Call Recorder. So CallTrunk may have to think again.

All CallTrunk recordings can be accessed online via a browser or via Call Trunk’s iPhone app. The recordings can also be shared on social networks or sent to Evernote, box or SugarCRM.

What about recording people secretly? Richard Newton from Call Trunk tell me: “The system provides automatic beeping to signal recording is in progress. There is also an automatic announcement that a user can switch off if they prefer to tell the counter party themselves. These are customisable which reflects that requirements change from country to country and state to state.”

Of course, this is more obvious than using a simple recording device with a Mic.

The service is initially launching in the UK on a beta trial from 28th November. It is free to use until January 1st 2012. From then on, it will be £5 per month for unlimited recording and storing of Skype calls. Anyone signing up to additional Call Trunk monthly plans will also receive additional Skype credit.

Call Trunk is head quartered in London with offices in Dallas, Texas and Montreal, Canada. The team consists of Michael Dillhyon (President and CEO), Paul Murphy (Founder & CTO), Angela Clarke (Founder & COO) and Darcy Brockbank, (Founder & Chief Scientist).