Keen On… It Will Be Really, Really Difficult for Tim Cook to Screw Up Apple (TCTV)

If you are sick of Steve Jobs stories, then this interview isn’t for you. But, of course, you probably aren’t. On one hand, even though Jobs resigned from Apple more than a week ago, there appears to be no let up in the flood of anecdotes about The Great Leader. On the other, we are now seeing the first significant executive reshuffles reshuffles in the Tim Cook era.

But now that the dust is beginning to settle just a little on the Jobs epoch, what exactly is his legacy and what are the principle challenges and opportunities facing Tim Cook? To answer these questions and more, I went to one of the most reliable sources of Apple intelligence, editor-in-chief Victor Agreda, Jr., a guy who spends his whole day making sense of Cupertino’s alternative reality.

So, I asked Victor when I caught up with him yesterday, will the authoritarianism, abrasiveness and paranoia of the Jobs regime be normalized under Cook?