Make The TechCrunch Executive Assistant Do Anything You Want On Zaarly Tomorrow

Many of you may know this, or may not, but Michael Arrington has an amazing new assistant, Greg Barto. Greg came to us from Hollywood and we have been kindly teaching him the ropes of TechCrunch and what to expect. However, we are not sure we prepared him for this.

Since Greg is somewhat new to San Francisco, he still doesn’t know the city that well. So, Mike has decided to give Greg a different job for a day. Have you ever wanted to be able to make someone do something, anything, and then watch it happen? Well starting tomorrow morning at 10am PT, you may be able to do just that. Greg’s job for tomorrow is to fulfill things that YOU want him to do. Imagine the possibilities. Want to have Greg bring you food from your favorite restaurant? Or maybe have Greg mow your lawn while you are at work? Our TCTV crew, Zaarly’s Shirley, and me, will be following him tomorrow as he fulfills things you want him to do for you.

If you want to participate, we want you to:

1) Browse Zaarly for things you want him to do and vote.
2) Tweet us what you want him to do, using the #ZaarlyGreg hashtag (make sure to include a link to the Zaarly post).
3) If you don’t see what you want Greg to do on Zaarly, post something you want Greg to do. Include the #ZaarlyGreg hashtag on both Twitter and in your own Zaarly post.

We will be going through all of the suggestions tonight and tomorrow, picking the ones we want to see Greg complete. Just for fun, and knowing Greg, here are some examples we came up with (feel free to use them, or come up with your own):

$15 for a mid-day karaoke session, screaming a Backstreet Boys song at the top of his lungs
$10 to drink 10 beers in 20 minutes
$5 to dig a hole in your backyard and then fill it up again
$2 to have him walk your dogs while you are working

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. What would you want Greg to do if you could make him do anything for a day? Make sure you let us know on Zaarly and on Twitter, using the hashtag #ZaarlyGreg! All the proceeds will go to Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue.

Disclosure: TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington is an investor in Zaarly. You can read about his investment policy here.