Mayday alerts about problems across all browsers and tells you why [Springboard]

Springboard Startups:There has been an explosion of browsers across first the web now smartphones and soon TVs. This is a problem. It’s going to get harder for companies to test applications across these platforms. Currently companies are dependent on customers complaining in order to identity problems with their site. With this reliance on user feedback, companies are losing revenue to competitors without even realising. Ideally they’d fix the issues before users complain. And while usually you can tell someone dropped off a site, but you can’t tell why.

So MaydayHQ is out to alert companies when users have problems with a site, and tell them why.

Yes, the monitoring space is very busy. But Mayday is very focused on technical and developers. Gosquared is more focused on marketing. IMayday is about performance, javascript errors, server problems etc

The Business model is a monthly subscription, the more you use the more you pay. They are in Alpha right now, but launch in a couple of months.

Mayday is founded by Ben Hall and James Hollingworth. Ben is the author of the book Testing Web Applications. James previously worked at Huddle and Toptable