Socialbakers launches list of Twitter’s most popular users, brands to be added soon

Socialbakers, a social media analytics website focused primarily on Facebook, launched their own Twitter statistics today. In essence, its a list of Twitter’s most popular users, including @ladygaga, @justinbieber, @barackobama and @britneyspears, sorted by their number of followers.

Socialbakers, previously known as Facebakers, is a product of the Czech company Candytech, and is well known in the social media space for providing data on the popularity of Facebook fan pages. The fan pages are sorted by country, a feature that Facebook doesn’t offer which lets companies compare their Facebook presences to competitors.

While Facebook Ads do offer data on some fan pages, Socialbakers’ move into Twitter statistics is even more important for companies that tweet. Twitter doesn’t offer any public data on the popularity of its users or company accounts, making it hard for both journalists and professionals to get a grasp of how popular Twitter is in any specific country.

Socialbakers is planning to release a list of the most popular brand and media Twitter profiles next week and is are still planning to focus on Facebook. This may be true for the time being, but becoming a good overview of the business side of Twitter might change their mind in the future.