Laser Cut GIF-based Zoetrope For The Man Who Has Everything

There are men who love animated GIFs and there are men who love animated GIFs. If you belong to the latter camp, feel free to help kickstart this project that turns animated GIFs into a physical, laser-cut zoetrope for your own edification. Why, you ask? Why not.

What if we could bring the magic of ANIMATED GIFs into the physical world? Well, now, using modern LASER TECHNOLOGY, we can. We specialize in transforming the finest in designer-crafted animated GIFs into physical zoetropes, bringing the animated glory of the old-timey web onto your actual desktop or COFFEE TABLE.

For $50 you get your own zoetrope complete with strobe in one of three designs – elephant-rabbit, BMX, or NYC fireworks. Here, for example, are the fireworks.

Want your own special model? Well, that will cost you $350 and you can send them almost any GIF you could imagine, including the one where the cat attacks the guy who is jumping around and is then thrown off into the bushes.

There are only two backers so feel free to get in on the ground floor.

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