How Secure Is Your Laptop Lock? This HP One Can Be Cracked In Seconds

You guys might remember a few years back when someone demonstrated that many tubular locks, like those use on many Kryptonite bike locks, could be opened with a common Bic pen. That someone was Marc Weber Tobias, and he’s back now to warn you again that your laptop lock might not be as secure as you think. Case in point: this HP lock, which his associate opens on camera in just a few seconds by whacking it with a screwdriver.

Sure, there are better locks out there, but you might just take a second to test the security of your own or checking around on the net for evidence of poor quality. Even expensive locks sometimes have simple and devastating flaws, so if you’re carrying critical information on your laptop and trust the lock on it to keep it safe, make sure you’re not setting yourself up for tragedy.

Tobias describes the flaw in HP’s lock in detail here.