20 Years of Linux T-Shirt Contest Winner Announced

Behold, the winner of the Linux Foundation‘s “20 Years of Linux” t-shirt contest! “After twenty years of hard work, this penguin has managed to take off,” says artist Kim Blanche, creator of the winning image. “Tux is now sailing smoothly above the competition into a very bright future.” Kim has won a free trip to Vancouver to attend LinuxCon in August. Her design, aptly entitled “Flying Penguins”, will be the basis for the official LinuxCon t-shirt and will soon be available for purchase from the Linux.com store. Congratulations, Kim!

I’ll be attending LinuxCon, too, so hopefully I can get a chance to congratulate Kim in person. If you’re planning to attend LinuxCon, or if you happen to live in Vancouver, British Columbia, send me an email at scott @ this domain so we can plan to meet!