Remember When: Your Commodore 64 Was A Satellite Descrambler?

Back in the old days, in Europe, TV selection was pretty limited. When they started offering satellite, you had a few free channels and a few paid channels but enterprising hackers figured out how to decode all of the channels using a breakout cart and the C64’s super processor. The resulting solution cost about $120 way back when and saved a bunch of Euro-hackers quite a bit of money.

The only drawback of course, was the fact that you had to have your C64 switched on and running the decoding software, which meant that you could not play your favorite games while watching the latest movies. It also meant you basically had to have your C64 close to your TV, which meant either moving your desk to the living room or getting a second C64.

So Karateka or the World Cup: your choice.

via mos6502