LIFEBOOK TH40/D: Fujitsu Pushes Back Release Date Of Convertible Tablet Indefinitely

Do you remember the LIFEBOOK TH40/D, the pretty nice-looking convertible tablet that Fujitsu unveiled last month? It now turns out that the Windows 7 device will not hit Japanese stores this month, even though Fujitsu announced just that just about five weeks ago.

To recap, the tablet is powered by Windows 7 Home Premium, has a slide-out keyboard under its 10.1-inch LCD screen and comes with 1GB RAM, an Atom Z670 (1.50GHz) CPU, and a 120GB HDD.

On its website, Fujitsu doesn’t really explain [JP] what happened between now and May 13 (when the release date was made public) other than “problems in development”. The company just says the release is being pushed back indefinitely (usually not a good sign) and apologizes to all potential customers.

We’ll keep you posted, also regarding possible international sales plans.