Tests Put iPad 2 Display Quality Above Xoom, Transformer

The most important hardware aspect of a tablet is arguably the screen, which is the main object you interact with, and the item through which you receive most of the tablet’s content. Therefore, the quality of that hardware is paramount. And it seems Apple has made sure that its screen is of the highest quality. Motorola? Not so much.

DisplayMate has done some tests on the brightness, reflectance, color gamut, and so on, and found that the iPad 2’s screen (like the old iPad, and the iPhone) is superior to the competition. In the case of the Xoom, I’m disappointed, since it should really be a premium device. The Asus Transformer, on the other hand, performs fairly well for its price.

They’ll be adding the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Acer Iconia A500 to the mix next. I’m more interested in pixel density, myself, and I’m waiting for that 2048×1536 iPad we keep hearing about.

[via Electronista]