Mimobot Goes '80s, Releases Classic Optimus Prime And Megatron

Just the other day it hit me that my childhood icons were scam. TMNT, Power Rangers, Transformers, GI Joe. All the TV shows and comics that I loved and adored are nothing more than extended advertisements for the lucrative toy action figures. The story tellers wrote the canons with toy sales in mind. More characters meant more things mom and dad would have to buy for junior. It blew my mind. It’s always a key reason why there’s a Cars 2 rather than a Finding Nemo 2.

That said, here are Mimobot’s latest novelity flash drives: Optimus Prime and Megatron. They’re available in 2GB to 16GB with pricing starting out at $22.95 and come preloaded with themed wallpaper, icons, and screensavers.