Joby Updates Its Ori And Yogi Stands For iPad 2

Do you spend a lot of time trying to attach your iPad 2 to the limbs of trees, or building elaborate towers on which to perch it? You, sir, could use an accessory stand from Joby to save yourself some trouble. We saw the original iPad flavor versions of these back at CES, and now they’ve done the adjustments to the design so you can get one for your iPad 2 as well.

The Ori ($60)is a fold-flat stand that protects your screen when you’re not using it, and turns into a nice platform when you fold it out. The Yogi ($30) uses the well-known Gorilla grips we’ve seen on other products (like tripods) and lets you suspend the thing from, say, the handlebar of your motorcycle, or the struts of your hang glider.