I Could Definitely Use This Fold-Out Field Kitchen

While I feel there is a little danger of singing the wood in this Field Kitchen contraption, I love the idea. It’s the perfect size for a Colman stove, and they even sell two different kinds with it. Plus there’s room for silverware, plates, salt and pepper, the works.

The legs are optional, and the whole thing is made of aluminum and birch plywood. Unfortunately it’s rather expensive: “vacant,” it’s $595, and with legs, side tables, extra drawers and so on, it can run you a thousand bucks and more. I’m guessing you’re paying for good materials and construction (and a bit of design), and of course when it comes to things that must bear heat and wind and so on, it’s probably better not to skimp. Still, I bet you could find (or construct) something similar if you’re into it but short on funds.

More details and specifications at Kanz’s site.

[via SwissMiss]