What Does The World Look Like Through 50 UV Filters? Blurry, Apparently

There’s some disagreement on UV filters in the photography world, but we can probably all agree that if you’re going to put one on your lens, it shouldn’t be some five dollar bargain bin filter. After all, you paid hundreds, or maybe thousands of dollars for that lens — why should you ruin all that beautiful glass with a sheisty frontispiece?

LensRentals has posted a fun little experiment where they stacked fully 50 UV filters one on top of the other, to show that A, they’re not just a transparent piece of glass, and B, some are better than others. Check out the results:

It’s pretty amazing that even that much of the image gets through. I mean, fifty panes of glass!

They’ve got more details on their conclusions, and some other pictures demonstrating the difference between a good and a bad filter.

[via Neatorama and Technabob]