Mad Magazine Announces Their Own "Official" "Blog"

First Facebook, now WordPress? Mad Magazine just announced an update to their official blog, now called The Idiotical, following such greats as the New Yorker and Cracked into the cesspool that is Internet media.

In honor of the launch, Life magazine ran a gallery of some of Mad’s greatest contributors including William Gaines, Nick Meglin, and The Beard, wandering the world, wearing each other’s pants, and generally looking like the travelling cast of Call Me Baron Harkonnen: The Musical. The Pete Best of Mad, Dick DeBartolo, also appears.

Mad has gotten considerably racier in the years since I last read it but there are still plenty of innocuous sight gags and some great parodic writing. I, personally, wanted to become a writer after I met Bill Gaines at Mad’s offices when I was about thirteen. It was all downhill from there.

Here’s hoping Mad is around another few decades and I think a new, energized website is probably the way to go.