SugarSync Adds Mobile Device Management To Send Files To Devices From The Web

SugarSync, a close competitor to file sharing services like Crate and Dropbox, just added a mobile device management feature to their web interface. The new service takes advantage of SugarSync’s web-based upload system to control which files appear on which devices, thereby allowing you to send specific files to a phone or laptop directly and remove said files when necessary. Think of it as a sort of filesystem remote control. You can also see what data appears on which device (it works with iOS devices right now) and you can update the local folders on any device connected to your SugarSync account.

The feature will appear in SugarSync accounts over the next few days.

In this release, SugarSync’s new Mobile Device Management feature gives users the ability to view and control their data on their iOS mobile devices from within the Web console, making it the easiest way to get files from your computer to your iPhone or iPad. SugarSync will be rolling Mobile Device Management out to the other mobile platforms in the future as well. Today, users with iOS devices can:

Transfer files or entire folders to your iPhone or iPad from the Web. No wires needed.
Simply view all the synced data on your iPhone or iPad from the Web.
Easily refresh files or entire folders on your iPhone or iPad with a single click.

SugarSync also announced an update Blackberry app with improvements to the interface as well as a direct connection to the Blacklberry email app. SugarSync users can also get unlimited free 500MB account upgrades for referrals, an improvement over the previous limited-time offer. For every free 5GB account you refer, you get half a gigabyte of sweet, sweet storage.