Samsung To End Nokia's 15-Year Market Reign?

It looks as though Nokia’s 15-year reign is coming to a close: according to Nomura Research Institute, Samsung is expected to usurp the world’s largest phone maker this quarter. And if losing the top spot isn’t tough enough, Nokia likely won’t even take the second place position this quarter either; Nomura sees Apple sliding past Finland’s finest, as well.

Nokia has had a tough year, losing market share to Apple’s iPhone and other Android-powered smartphones. Even its low-end phones have taken a hit, thanks to some strong competition coming out of Asia. Perhaps the shift to Windows Phone will breathe new life into the lungs of Nokia, but with Apple’s feature-packed iOS 5 set to launch this fall and Android’s expected continued growth, there’s no telling whether or not Nokia will have what it takes to reclaim its crown.

[via Reuters]