Rovio Announces "Mine And Dine" Angry Birds Episode: Video

Despite the fact that Rovio launches a new version of Angry Birds or new episodes in what feels like rapid-fire succession, I’d assume the majority of serious Angry Birds fans blow through newly released levels in a day. No worries though, Rovio has already submitted a new episode of Angry Birds to Apple for approval, so it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be smashing pigs in “Mine and Dine,” the sixth episode of the ever-so-popular Angry Birds app.

Rovio announced the new episode on its Facebook page, writing “We have another brand new episode coming up for Angry Birds! Take the fight for the eggs to dark underground caverns and use the geology to your advantage to root out the peskiest of piggies! Soon available in appstores everywhere!”

We still don’t know when exactly the update will launch, since Apple still has its hands on the new episode, but we’d expect to see the update hit pretty soon. No word yet on pricing or Android availability.

Obviously, Rovio has had an incredibly successful year, and according to the Finnish company’s mighty eagle CEO Peter Vesterbacka, the fun won’t stop any time soon. Apparently, Rovio has plans to developer longer animations and possibly a movie. Vesterbacka also made mention of a possible Angry Birds cook book.

[via Social Times and CNET]