Optoma's GT750 Projector Does HD And 3D For $799

I mainly know Optoma for their pico projectors, but of course they’re into the bigger stuff as well. Most full-size projectors tend to run you over a grand, though, so it’s nice to see a full-featured one aimed at gamers for less than that. The 2500-lumen GT750 does 3D, 720p, and supports HDMI 1.4a. It’s got a short-throw lens and 10 watts of sound, which isn’t much, but is appreciated. It even comes with a little backpack so you can travel with it, though why you would want to do that is beyond me.

At $799 it sounds like a pretty solid deal to me, though naturally projector wonks will snort at this budget item. All I know is it would be a nice addition to my apartment, and I wouldn’t have to dim the lights whenever I want to play Super Mario Kart.

Hit up Optoma for more info. They’ll be on the show floor here at E3, so I’ll try to drop by when we’re cruising around tomorrow.