Domain Dollars: Now Up For Sale

We just wrote about the sale of, which will auctioned off this week at DOMAINfest Barcelona with an opening bid of a whopping $5 million. The current record holder for the highest sale of a domain is, which sold for $13 million in April. And today, we hear a new domain is on the market which could also bring in millions. is now listed exclusively for sale with DomainAdvisors. The domain company’s CEO Tessa Holcomb seems optimistic that the domain will command a “multi seven-figure price tag.”

The time seems to be right for the domain to bring in big bucks, as the payments wars heat up between players like Google, PayPal and Square. Google just unveiled their mobile payments technology, Google Wallet; and Square’s disruptive payments platform is continuing to grow like gangbusters.

PayPal also has a massive presence in the payments space, and is fast approaching 100 million users.

It should be interesting to see if a payments or financial company does snap up the domain. What do you think? Will pay up more money than or

Photo Credit/Flickr/Amagill