U.S. Cellular Launches The HTC Merge, LG Genesis Coming June 9th

Just a quick update for those keeping tabs on the LG Genesis (which, up until Verizon decided not to offer it, was previously known as the “enV Pro”) for U.S. Cellular: look for it to hit the shelves on June 9th for $149.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate.

In other news: that $149.99-after-rebate pricetag is the same thing they’re asking for the HTC Merge, which hit their shelves as the sun came up this morning. (And for those paying extra close attention: yep, the very same HTC Merge that Verizon decided to delay forever until eventually deciding to not sell it in their own shops, but to allow third party retailers to sell it to those who requested it. It’s a very special week of hand-me-downs for U.S. Cellular, isn’t it?)