This Stun Gun-Equipped Armored Glove Is Worthy Of Judge Dredd
Although I can picture a battalion of shield-faced riot police wielding these against a terrified populace, the concept really is too “life imitates sci-fi” to pass up. The BodyGuard is an armored gauntlet with a 500,000-volt stunner protruding from the back of the hand, with room for any number of other weapons of self defense.

It was invented by a cameraman (and apparently friend of Kevin Costner) who thought it would just be a practical way to introduce defense tools to one’s arsenal while keeping one’s hands free. It weighs under three pounds and presumably will stop any number of melee weapons from hitting your actual arm. The bulge is actually empty, waiting for other devices to be implemented: GPS, cameras, and so on.

More information at ArmStar, though no price or anything yet. Expect to see it on Blackwater (or Xi, whatever they’re called) type mercenaries and private security groups soon. And on Kevin Costner’s bodyguard.

[via HardOCP]