Garmin Releases New And Improved eTrek Handheld GPS Units

The Garmin eTrek series has long been the go-to outdoor GPS unit. They’re affordable, capable, and, as I’ve learned, capable of surviving numerous drops from a tree stand. Garmin just outed the latest editions that bring a far amount of new features to the line.

The eTrek 10, 20 and 30 all pack the ability to display geocaching GPX files and properly display the key information like terrarin, hints, and discriptions. The slightly more pricey eTrek 20 and 30 models sport a 2.2-inch 65k color display while the eTrek 30 contains a 3-axis tilt-conpensated electronic compass, which displays heading information without being perfectly level.

Garmin expects to release these new models sometime in the fall for $119, $199, and $299, respectively.