Billed as an affordable TED, Launch48 brings The Inspire Conference to London

Billed as a sort of affordable TED, The Inspire Conference is coming to London on 7-8 June.

The event, organised by the team behind Launch48, promises to bring “the most brilliant minds” together in Technology, Creativity and Entrepreneurship. And on that note our very own Mike Butcher is making an appearance. He’ll be doing an on-stage discussion/interview with Peter Vesterbacka of Rovio, makers of the phenomenon that is Angry Birds. You don’t get much more brilliant than that.

Overall, the event will feature 30+ speakers including representatives from The Times, Mozilla Labs, Spotify, MediaSift, Ogilvy, YouGov, Mendeley, Ushahidi, Soundcloud and others.

Aimed at startups, entrepreneurs, VCs, Angels, investors and business leaders “in addition to media influencers, bloggers, writers, community leaders, developers, designers and marketers”, The Inspire Conference will cover topics “ranging from disruptive technologies to the most creative ways of solving the world’s pressing problems; from crowd sourcing to open data; from the future of Internet typography to future of search.” So it’s a pretty eclectic agenda but all tied to the theme of technology and innovation.

The event takes place at Senate House, University of London. Here’s highlights from the speaker lineup (for example, Aza Raskin is bound to have something interesting to say):

Alexander Ljung / Founder and CEO – SoundCloud

Peter Vesterbacka / CEO – Rovio (Angry Birds)

Aza Raskin / Ex Head of UX – Mozilla Labs Martin

Varsavsky / Founder & CEO – FON

Michael Birch / Founder – ex-Bebo, Profounders

Shakil Khan / Head of Special Projects – Spotify

Stephan Shakespeare / CEO & Co-Founder – YouGov

Dr. Victor Henning / CEO & Co-Founder – Mendeley

Iris Lapinski / CEO – CDI Europe

Shaa Wasmund – Smarta

Avid Larizadeh / COO and Co-founder – Boticca

For more info and to book tickets, visit The Inspire Conference. TechCrunch Europe readers can get a 15% discount using the promo code: ‘techcrunch’.