Asus Teases Possible Tablet/Phone Combo

If you were a fan of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, get excited, because the company seems almost as excited to tease its upcoming products as we are to get a peak at them, which will happen next week during Computex in Taipei. Asus has already slated a June launch for its Eee Pad MeMo, and pencilled in a reminder for us on its Facebook page. But one picture promises “A Tablet That Jumps Out At You,” which leads us to believe that Asus has a 3D-capable device headed our way, as well.

What’s really exciting is an image of what appears to be a larger tablet next to the silhouette of a smartphone, with the tag-line, “Pad or Phone? – How About Both?” Perhaps we’ll see a more sophisticated Atrix-like situation, where the laptop dock is actually a full-functioning tablet. That could be wishful thinking, but with a promise to “Break The Rules,” I guess we can go ahead and dream big.

[via Engadget]