Fly Or Die: LiveScribe Connect And The T-Mobile G-Slate

Earlier this week we gave you a little sneak peek at the new Livescribe Connect service but we also looked a bit more closely at the T-Mobile G-Slate, Big Fuchsia’s wild 3D tablet. Erick was generally nonplussed with both products but this is the year of the Android tablet and this is one of the most unique devices we’ve seen this year.

We ran a review of the G-Slate a few weeks ago and talked about the Connect announcement on Monday.

To recap, Livescribe Connect lets you send ink to the cloud by capturing and sending drawn and written data to email accounts, Twitter, and even Google Docs. I found it to be quite useful but Erick complained a bit about the need to tether via USB. As for the G-Slate, we were both very confused by the 3D features but generally accepting of the inexorable march of Android Honeycomb hegemony

You can take a closer look at our Livescribe discussion below and then take a direct look at the G-Slate after that. Watch the whole video above.