iRemoTap: Power Strip with Built-In Wi-Fi (Video)

Japan-based Ubiquitous has developed [JP] a power strip with a built-in Wi-Fi module. Dubbed iRemoTap, the strip allows you to do two things: you can track which of the connected devices consumes how much energy on a PC or cell phone in real-time, and you can turn on or off each of these devices remotely.

If energy consumption of a connected device in your household exceeds a pre-set level, the iRemoTap can automatically send out an email or tweet so you can take action. It works a little like the Energy Literacy Platform, which is also made by a Japanese company (we reported in December).

The iRemoTap is just a prototype at this point – but an early sign that the Internet of Things is upon us.

This video (in English, shot by Diginfonews in Tokyo) shows the iRemoTap in action: