Video Ad Network Tremor Media Launches Analytics Platform For Marketers

Tremor Media, one of the largest video ad networks on the web, is launching a new product today to give marketers more insight into how video ad campaigns are performing. The Tremor Video Hub is an advertising console that helps marketers measure, track, and report what’s driving performance of their video campaigns.

Video Hub not only lets marketers see where their videos are running, but, through the use of Tremor Media’s SE2 technology, gives them insight into which campaigns and destinations enhance a brand, what sparks viewer engagement, and why a campaign is working. The Video Hub automatically analyzes the content, environment, demographic characteristics and delivery metrics to help pinpoint the right time to deliver and advertisement to a specific type of viewer.

The dashboard returns analytics and results from campaigns in realtime, giving marketers a live picture of campaign performance. The console will be available to all clients who buy campaigns on the Tremor Media Network. These insights are vital for advertisers to determine how well their ads are performing and which environments perform the best for their brands. An in-depth analytics platform seems like a no-brainer to me.

Tremor, which has raised $80 million in funding, has been on a bit of a shopping spree of late, buying mobile video ad startup Transpera and streaming ad platform ScanScout. And the company is on track to top $100 million in revenue this year.