Preorder Your Galaxy Tab 10.1 Now [update: Just Kidding!]

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is now up for preordering. Of course your going to have to wait until early June for it to ship, but if the Asus Transformer fiasco taught the Android community anything, it’s that manufacturers might not have enough units made for the first round. Plus, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is hot.

Google gave every attendee at I/O one, and people seem to love the new Sammy Tab. It changed Jason Kincaid’s mind about Honeycomb in general and Matt Buchainan, who along with Brian Lam, still has my respect at the recently-restaffed Gizmodo, says the tablet is “the first Android tablet built for humans.” Yeah, if any Honeycomb tablet has a chance at selling well, it’s the GalTab 10.1. I’d preorder this one. [J&R via netbooknews]

Update: J&R pulled the pre-order page. Sorry, Charlie!