iOS Game Publisher Fuse Powered Raises $2m Seed Round From BlackBerry Partners Fund And NFQ

When you hear a name like BlackBerry Partners Fund, your first thought probably isn’t “Hey! They should invest in an iOS games publisher!”

As it turns out, while the investment firm shares a name and myriad ties to the finest gadget line to come out of Waterloo, the fund isn’t bound to products built for any one platform in particular. They’re celebrating that fact today by investing in — you guessed it — an iOS game publisher.

This morning, iOS publisher/analytics provider Fuse Powered is announcing a two million dollar seed round lead by BlackBerry Partners Fund and NFQ Ventures.

While Fuse has a handful of big-name licenses (Jaws, Dawn of the Dead) under their belt as a publisher, their primary focus is to provide developers with real-time app usage analytics which they can in turn use to advise their partners on how to spend their marketing money.

With this investment, Fuse Powered should be set for some time — especially considering that thanks to an accelerator program they won a few months back, they’re already set with office space at an incubator right in the heart of San Francisco.