Video: Is That Little Box On The Far Side Of The Room You Really Can't See Nintendo's Wii Successor, Project Café?

Oh boy! Don your Who Gives A Poop trucker hat and let’s look at a video! This video is said to be from a super secret Nintendo developer’s meeting and right there, under the screen might just be the Wii 2 — or, as the Internet heard it’s called internally, Project Café. More interesting than the device is the PowerPoint action. One slide shows the massive rumored controller and then another with what is probably safe to say, thanks to the presenters telltale hand motions,  is the device itself. Of course none of this really matters, nor should it change your life in anyway. The video itself, which I hope for the sake of mankind is genuine rather than fan-made, is just part of a larger picture that tells the tall that a new Nintendo console is on its way. Click through for the silent video.

Thanks for the tip, Nate!