The Go Anywhere Garmin Montana Brings GPS Navigation To The Back Country, City

Some GPS units are meant for rugged work in the mountains while others rarely leave the comforts of the city. The just-announced Garmin Montana can do both. Not only is it powerful, but it’s rugged and features various mounting options for different usages including windshield and dash. There’s a 4-inch dual-orientation screen and even a 5MP autofocus camera. It’s powered by either a 16-hour LiON pack or three AA batteries for even more versatility.

The Montana, as we’ve said several times, can pull double duty and to that end can display both turn-by-turn navigation, marine maps, or topographic maps. There’s even satellite data available if owners are willing to buy the subscription. The Montana 650t will be available for pre-ordering shortly for $699. Click through for a quick ad spot.