SkyGrid's Realtime News Aggregator Now Allows You To Follow Topics, Sites And More

SkyGrid, a startup that offers a powerful business news aggregator, has upgraded its free iPhone and iPad app with a number of new social and interactive features today.

SkyGrid’s app allows you to add filters to news streams, with the aim of giving you the most important news right as it’s happening. Using the startup’s patented algorithm, Information Velocity; SkyGrid measures what news is spreading the fastest across the world, and brings that content directly to its apps. The app itself streams information from mainstream news, social sites, and blogs and allows you to share news articles and streams on the app via email, Twitter and Facebook.

Now, you can filter your news stream on the app by following topics. You can follow topics like tech, and receive a realtime stream of news from tech news outlets. Skygrid even allows you to follow more detailed topics, like “Zynga games,” for users who want to access news about a specific topic. You can also now follow news sites like TechCrunch or The New York Times. And the app has deepened its social integrations, giving its users the ability to add your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn streams to the app. The new version of the app includes a more seamless browsing experience with one box to search and navigate.

CEO and founder Kevin Pomplun also tells us that the app has been updated with the company’s “Fast Page” technology, which brings faster load times for sites. He says this technology combines Safari from the iOS SDK with SkyGrid’s real-time processing pipeline.

Of course, the startup is playing in a competitive space in terms of news and social content aggregation, including well-funded startup Flipboard. But SkyGrid’s filtering and new follow options make the app ideal for tracking specific topics in the news, and it offers a compelling option for any power user.