Epson And E Ink Show 9.7-Inch ePaper With 2,400 x 1,650 Resolution

Electronic paper as a technology somehow evolves relatively slowly, but it evolves. Today Epson and E Ink announced they have co-developed a new ePaper display that’s sized at 9.68 inches and boasts 2,400 x 1,650/300 dpi quality. By way of comparison: the Kindle DX (9.7 inches) comes with 1,200 x 824 pixel resolution at 150 ppi.

Needless to say, this is the highest resolution achieved so far for an ePaper. The companies says that E Ink will provide the display itself, while Epson contributes the high-speed display controller platform for the device.

Further details are scarce at this point (weight, price, availability), but it appears the main target groups for the new ePaper are businesses and academic institutions.