A Little Augmented Reality Check From Metaio

As a fan of Augmented Reality and its potential, I have, for some time, been thinking about how the technology will benefit from the larger screen real estate that tablets provide. There are plenty of examples out there…just search “Tablet AR” on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean. I received a press release from Metaio this morning (one of the companies that I follow most often with regard to AR) and there are a few new “Tablet AR” concepts in the accompanying video that are worth sharing. In my opinion, Metaio’s scientific approach and focus on true image recognition help it stand apart. Even Forrester’s Thomas Husson has stated that when considering Augmented Reality, “Only a few companies, such as Total Immersion and Metaio, really master this technology today.” I think the list is larger than that (Beyond Reality to name one), but he’s right that these companies definitely are at the forefront of the technology and Metaio, in my opinion, is leading the charge because their focus is broad—not just gaming, not just advertising—a holistic approach.

Anyway, check out the video below and let your imagination run wild for a bit. Let us know what you think is next for Augmented Reality?