Helios IX: Semi-Autonomous Rescue Robot Moves Up Stairs, Opens Doors (Video)

We’ve covered quite a few rescue robots in the past, but Helios IX, developed at the Tokyo Institute of Technology is certainly one of the most versatile models. The robot is designed to be used in post-disaster situations, as it can climb up and down stairs, overcome uneven ground, open doors and pick up objects.

What’s interesting is that Helios IX doesn’t only use its tracks but also its arms when moving, for example when ascending stairways. It can be remote-controlled but also operates semi-autonomously, i.e. by calculating the distance to a door, analyzing the vicinity and then choosing the shortest way on its own.

Its makers say Heliox IX can also be made water-, dust-, and radiation-proof if needed.

This video (shot by our friends at Diginfonews Tokyo) provides more insight on the robot: