Unit Portables Modularizes Your Bags

These laptop bags are slightly different from your average messenger or sling. Out of the box, the Unit 01 (no relation to Eva Unit 01) is essentially blank on the outside. But add on Unit 02 and/or Unit 03 (or more than one of either) to its little hook-on system and you’ve got yourself some extra storage that’s easily removable and accessible.

It’s not for everyone, of course, but it’s a fun little design that you could probably make something interesting out of. The main unit will hold a 13-15″ laptop with a little space for books and documents — the other units will hold… well, whatever fits in them. The smaller one, they claim, “works with all major brands.” Well yeah, it’s a bag. It also works with apples, and scissors, and cameras, I’m guessing.

Oh, and it comes in many colors:

Where can you buy them? Apparently only at one store in the entire world, which is in Stockholm. Hopefully they get to a few more outlets soon.

[via Hypebeast]